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What Is Burning Test?

June 7, 2021

Latest company news about What Is Burning Test?

Burning Testing is a kind of a cruel and destructive test, and only in this way can the products flowing to the client be excellent products, and good power adapter manufacturers can only sell these good products to customers. Why does the power adapter do the Burning Testing?


The purpose of Burning Testing is :help to check what problems the power adapter will have if power adapter is loaded with work over a period of time, and Of course, some people will ask, how long is it? One day? Two days? Normally, it takes at least a few hours to do Burning Testing. Of course, this time can be considered according to the quality pursuit and cost of the power adapter.

In fact, many power adapters on the market don't do the Burning Testing. Why do I say so? The most important thing is that most of the power adapters flowing out from the production line already have all their functions and can be used directly. But if the Burning Testing is not done, many problems may arise in the early stage of power supply use, such as short circuit, no voltage, no current, and even explosion. But these problems are possible after the Burning Testing is completed avoidable. Of course, it might have some problems after one year or two years used. That's because of life of the power supply, and there's no way to avoid it.


Of course, this question can not be said so absolutely. Our analysis is only a theoretical result, because it is not ruled out that you have bought the power adapter without Burning Testing, but it is no problem to use it. Maybe it will take a year or two before it has problems, but the power adapter that has been tested is safer.

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