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Quick charge technologies by by Qualcomm for higher voltage and VOOC by OPPO for higher current

September 25, 2021

There are two most prominent technologies Quick Charge by Qualcomm for higher voltage and VOOC by OPPO for higher current.


Qualcomm for higher voltage


  1. Lower power losses through cable(heat)
  2. Can negotiate to 9v, 12v or 20v as required
  3. If temperature too high, will drop power throughput


  1. Requires data pins to be working
  2. Requires special certified chips in both device and charger (similar to Apple's mfi)

Examples: Samsumg6 with qc2.0 negotiates with my qc3.0 charger to 5v/3a or 9v/1.67a and as long as the data pins of the cable are not spoilt it works fine (run through a cable every month)


VOOC for high current


  1. Charger more compatible with aftermarket devices (qc oem chargers tend to charge at 5v/0.5a if not charging a qc device)


  1. Thicker gauge of cable required to keep temperature down and power losses minimal (bulky)
  2. Proprietary cable that uses 7 pins


Right now our most QC3.0 charger not support VOOC, if you need, please contact us for VOOC version.  No extra charges.


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